10 Status Message of the Day

hates the KKK as much as anyone... but it is kinda neat that they introduced "hoodies" to American fashion.

Please have the courtesy to let me go to hell in my own sweet fashion.

I got sent home for inappropriate attire. Lady Gaga wore the SAME thing at the VMAs! Some people know nothing about fashion.

stronger than a bear, wiser than a fox, endowed like a stallion.

I will defend, to your death, my right to my opinion.

Whenever I choose to go down the stairs next to a crowded escalator, I feel the need to move faster than the escalator to prove to the people on board that I made the better decision.

Can't wait for the new episode of Hoarders...now all I gotta do is find my television.

Nothing improves creativity more than a lack of supervision.

She had a Coca-Cola body....too bad it was the 2-Liter version.

Vegans are secretly just anorexics trying to disguise it under a hippy guise of nutrition and compassion.

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