10 Status Message of the Day

Maybe T-Mobile and Sprint should fight it out on which is the better carrier. It help boost their sales. Its working with AT&T and Verizon.

I wish it sounded less gay when I said at last nights BBQ that "i'm craving a wiener." oh well, live and learn.

I live and yearn.

DNS FAILURE: Facebook is down which means 9 months from today, many children will be born.

They say there's a sucker born every minute but I'd be more curious to find out at what rate swallowers are born.

Mistakes are made from time to time. Without them, most of us would have never been born.

Fox News reports that Obama visits Indonesia, one of several foreign countries where he was born.

When I was younger I always felt like I was a boy trapped in a woman's body. However, that changed when I was born.

I'd like to thank my mom for helping me out of some real tight spots over the years. Starting with the day I was born.

Facebook was down for a couple of hours today. Yep. Nine months from now, there's going to be a lot of babies born.

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