10 Status Message of the Day

Every day of my life is like an episode of LOST, something crazy always happens and I never have any idea what's going on.

I guess, I just don't get the whole, shaved off and drawn on eyebrow thingee women got going on.

I hate when I can�t understand what I�m eavesdropping on.

Note to self: Next time I'm sleepy or feel tired @ work...bring some haba�ero peppers to munch on.

Chuck Norris can rip your head off and throw it completely around the world before you die. Which is pretty cool because you're like "Wheeee! I'm a satellite!". But then you die. Unless Chuck puts your head back on.

Now that I�ve stopped drinking I don�t have much to look forward to but I have a lot more to look back on.

Think you've had a bad day ! ! ! One of the chilean miners has just been told he forgot to clock on.

My wifes sister sat on my glasses and broke them earlier,I was was so pissed of....Though to be fair it was my owne fault for leaving them on.

I'm long, and I'm strong. And I'm down to get the friction on.

My toilet seat was stolen, not sure who took it, right now I have nothing to go on.

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