10 Status Message of the Day

It was good to see the entire Chicagoland area come together around the Blackhawks. Watching the Cubs vs. Sox made me think... as much as it would disappoint me, I think the White Sox should leave Chicago and not come back. Its for unification.

The only reason I ever check my voicemail is to clear the notification.

The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when they fill out a job application.

Any toy can be an adult toy. Location, location, location.

The status you are trying to read cnnot be wiewed from your current country or location.

Don�t let schooling get in the way of your education.

never allowed his schooling to interfere with his education.

Wyclef Jean is running for President of Haiti. He should pledge to make Lauryn Hill his Secretary of Miseducation.

Crappy Ending (n): When a 45-minute massage ends with a police investigation.

The police should make criminals open Facebook accounts. It seems the easiest way to get a confession out of them without any interrogation.

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