10 Status Message of the Day

You never know who your real friends are until you are in need and then you'll be surprised who shows up.

not a doctor, but I play one in the emergency room until security shows up.

What a sweet lemonade stand. Your daughter is going be a wonderful bartender when she grows up.

After undergoing a sex change operation, a judge in Santa Monica granted Chaz Bono's petition to be recognized legally as a man. He celebrated by leaving the toilet seat up.

Have you ever taken a dump on the toilet backwards? It's so awesome you can read book or eat a meal or even work on the laptop without heating up your legs. Such a great experience. You never have to get up.

trying to figure out a way to text 'off' to my alarm so I don't have to get up.

They didn't break the mold after me, they just chained it up.

loves knowing she isnt the only one facebooking it up all alone when the rest of the world is cuddling it up.

I heard Angelina Jolie had a very difficult delivery with one of her children � she wasn�t in and had to go to the sorting office to pick it up.

I really think iPhone owners fake not knowing stuff just so they can bust out their phones to look it up.

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