10 Status Message of the Day

the entrepreneur in me thinks I should be selling rocks in the streets of Iran.

the world's oldest ww1 veteran just turned 108 today...he recently finished his fourth tour in Afghanistan.

If I've learned anything from TV it's that kids will never be successful athletics or honor students unless I drive a minivan.

S(he) (is) Br(ok)en.

I heard Ben Roethlisberger got angry while watching Super Bowl highlights last night and threw the remote at the TV. Unfortunately the Packers intercepted that too, poor Ben.

Just saw a commercial with Billy Mays. He must have the same agent as Tupac and Osama bin laden.

It's been reported that an 8 year-old boy from New Jersey is on the government's Airport Watch List because he has the same name as a possible terrorist. So it's been a pretty bad week for little Skippy bin Laden.

A new study found that house cats spend 22 percent of their days looking out windows, 12 percent playing with other pets, 8 percent climbing on chairs and just 6 percent sleeping. They also found that cats had the exact same schedule as Joe Biden.

Man, good thing the Obama family got that dog. I'm pretty sure Sasha and Malia were tired of throwing frisbees at Joe Biden.

You don't have to be good to succeed. You just gotta be the least Crappy option. Example: We're eating at The Olive Garden.

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