10 Status Message of the Day

My husband wears the pants in the family... I just tell him what ones to wear.

wonders if there are gay terrorists. I bet they'd wear fancy explosive underwear.

Sometimes, the problem is your underwear.

When I die, I'm hoping that I have left a mark. As long as it's not in my underwear.

Getting back with your ex is pretty much the same as taking a shower, getting out, and putting back on the same old dirty underwear.

I see L.A. as a beautiful blonde with dirty underwear.

When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.

Dear Santa, Don't listen to any of my Facebook friends. I have been a perfect angel, I swear.

Thank you Gym for being like my Grandmother...Always there for me, even though I only visit you twice a year.

People when referring to a celebrating a holiday say "it only comes once a year". Well, so does every other day. Like, "Hey, its November 22nd! That only comes once a year.

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