10 Status Message of the Day

weight loss tip: Use superglue as lip gloss!!

Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits!!

One thing's for sure: Palin did not have brain implants!!

just seen Roy Hodgson speeding down the motorway at 140mph, with a splif in one hand a can of Carlsberg in the other. This fella will do anything for 3 points!!

Just witnessed a man purchasing Tampax at Walgreens. This man deserves bonus points!!

The law says I can't drive with an open container, but it says nothing about jello shots!!

waiting for Pam Anderson to fall out of her dress on DWTS!!

AD for PAPER DELIVERY PERSON: Must like early mornings, must own beater car/truck with squealing breaks and NO muffler or sound supression what so ever!! Ability to drive with one knee a plus!!

damn right I'm good in bed... I can sleep for days!!

Damn right I�m good in bed. I can sleep for days!!

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