10 Status Message of the Day

Chuck Norris couldn't even handle this heat!!

If she fu@ks like she complains, you're in for a treat!!

if I can't be skinny....then please make all my friends fat!!

single...and you're going to have to be freakin' awesome to change that!!

why are women known as sex objects? Everytime you want to have sex, they object!!

told my husband, if you don't become more mature, you are going to erect a wall between us, he said hahahaha you said erect!!

I WILL BE COMPLETELY HONEST FOR 24 HOURS...You can ask me 1 question (only in my INBOX). Any question, no matter how crazy, sinister or wrong it is. You have my FULL honesty, but I DARE you to put this text on your status and see what questions you get!!

I don't care what anyone says...ice cream is a very important element to any healthy diet!!

Condoms hidden, plates and dishes washed, toilet tissue put in dispenser, fruits bought, bed made, bathtub washed, house cleaned and vacuumed, gospel music playing, TV turned on to CNN. MY PARENTS ARE VISITING IN AN HOUR AM SET!!

Jeff Gordon vs. Jimmie Johnson...I love it when DIVA's fight!!

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