10 Status Message of the Day

I am so hungry... I could eat the mole off a mooses mullet while motorbiking manboobs in a midget mafia mufftown.

SNOWBALL FIGHT !!!"o��`?.�(�) `O.��.�. o��`?. �(�) `O. ?? ��`*? �*?. ?��`*?? ?*�*? ?O. ��. �. o��`o. � (�) `O. ��.?. �. o��`�. o��`?� (�) `O. ��. �.?��`o. � (�) `O. �?? `O.

to the dude who is "board" try pgs 1075 - 1080 somewhere in their I swear I totally lmfao.

Waiting 4 the day when 1 of the tri-nations lands(new zealand,australia and south africa)figures out how 2 play american football.then we'll own that sh!t 2.just as we did with england and their rugby lmao.

Scientists developed a new car that can run on water. Only catch is, it has to be water from the Gulf of Mexico.

Scientist have discovered an area on Mars that might have once contained life. Alien scientist have made the same discovery about the Gulf of Mexico.

Few people know this but Cinco de Mayo is actually about a ship full of mayonnaise that sank off the coast of Mexico.

Scientists now say that within 40 years, robots will be doing most of the jobs we don't want to do, especially illegal robots from Mexico.

txted my GF while partying in Vegas saying "Hi Huney,iam enjoying alot ,wish you were her", after that I realised what a spelling mistake could do.

believes people are all the same, we only get judged by what we do.

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