10 Status Message of the Day

thinking 'if girls had 'mute' buttons!!'

thinks you should know that you don't HAVE to be crazy to be my friend...but it helps!!

Obama gets 12 stitches in his lip after basketball game. Impending war with North Korea but hey, let's shoot some hoops!!

thinks more people would take Sara Palin seriously if she lowered the tonal quality of her voice. Ow, my freakin' ears!!

Men are like scratch off tickets..... they usually end up being losers!!

thinks that, instead of 45 secs, they should limit tonight's Oscar acceptance speeches to the same as Twitter, 140 characters!!

going to stick a mistletoe in my back pocket this XMAS, and anyone who doesn't like me can KISS MY ASS!!

thinks while you are back there stabbing me in the back you can also kiss my ass!!

flicking your cigarette butt out of a Prius cancels out your environmentally friendliness!!

Don'T write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my wall...Just send ur gift to this address!!

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